Character Crew and Bystanders

The Rift Expedition:


When the Rift Expedition was concocted and set into motion, it was not surprising as O.U.R.S. has always done all it could to tame the Zone of Nothingness. Not many could break through its’ void into the unknown save for a few Angelian races who know of the Rift so well. Yet not even they would willingly trudge into the Tempest of Blankness, their grim history revolving around such a place still prominent in mind.

It began with Sector Chief Tori, willing to bring himself back into the familiar realm with a focused mind, to aid O.U.R.S. in this endeavor. What started as a simple exploratory mission became an improbable adventure as the discovery of an Ancient race that had slipped through the cracks of time and ended up in the Rift, far from home and memory. The Rift Expedition, now with Subject 324 as the primary source of motivation, progressed further under Sector Chief Tori’s guide. Culminating in small dedicated crew of O.U.R.S. members and a handful of candidates from across space and time, a base of operations was established directly in the Rift, to monitor and conduct experiments, hoping to further broaden the knowledge of such a mysterious place and the world we live in.


The Crew:


Name: Tori

Height: 5’5″

Weight: 115lbs

Age: 1235yrs

Race: Angelian

Home: N/A

Abilities: Skill Absorption, Molten Light, Rift travel

Bio: Tori is cold despite his child-like face. There is a very down-to-business air about him and it’s something he takes pride in. As seriousness is his dominant trait, he rarely jokes and hardly seems flustered. Although Tori isn’t the last of his kind, he encroaches on what one would call an Ancient. Part of a few who remember their home-world and the civil war that raged between their kind, Tori was originally indoctrinated into O.U.R.S. as a Speaker and remained employed to O.U.R.S. until after his role as Speaker was finished. Tori upholds his veterans post as Sector Chief of the Rift Expedition with strict scrutiny and poise.



Name: Mink

Height: 4’6″

Weight: 175lbs

Age: 215 yrs

Race: Fire Drakarian

Home: Legend


Abilities: Heightened Senses, Fire Immunity, Fire Command, Fire Creation, Great Strength, Protective Skin


Bio: Brought into O.U.R.S. as Subject 324, then vouched for by Sector Chief Tori, Mink (codename) was chosen for the Rift Expedition project as a special Field Agent, working under strict supervision. A little childish and prone to a temper, Mink is strong-willed, adaptable and stubborn. On her home-world she was part of a warrior tribe, natural born aggression and strategy yet this could never come to fruition. Found by O.U.R.S., cast into the Rift without prior knowledge as to how she ended up there or why, Mink was taught what had become of her world and of the time that had passed since she could recall. With no other choice, Mink was quickly employed by O.U.R.S. and moved up through the ranks as her history with the Rift was noted beneficial to the cause. An Ancient, a creature no one knew still existed, a last-of-her-race – she is an improbable being for many reasons not understood by modern times.

The Candidates:

Name: Isaac Evans

Height: 5’5″

Weight: N/A

Age: N/A

Race: Ex-Human

Home: Earth

Abilities: Levitation, Possession, Rift Travel, Telekinesis

Bio: A distinguished scholar on Earth for his theories and his scientific journals, Isaac may have been considered a genius had it not been for a very literal backstabbing from a fellow envious colleague. Brought back from the dead, but not back to life, Isaac is more than peeved at his woken subconscious from the ether and struggles to find a meaning in his afterlife. Easily annoyed, Isaac takes great pride in his intellect and admonishes those he feels are lacking in civility. Questioning everything and only at times considers the immorality of certain situations, Isaac is a chosen candidate for the Rift Expedition for the benefits his mind and astral body can give.

Name: Quinn Hunter

Height: 4’9″

Weight: 95lbs

Age: 13

Race: Human

Home: Earth

Abilities: Perceptive, Over-Achieving, Technology Savvy

Bio: A simple human from Earth, just well into the exhausting grips of puberty, Quinn comes from a dysfunctional – yet functioning – middle-class family from the deadening world of suburbia. The youngest in her family, Quinn spends her time striving for excellence in school and when not being tormented by her siblings, living in whatever fantasy worlds she could find.  Like her older siblings before her, she raged for an escape from the doldrums and somehow or another ended up in the Rift. Despite being quite young, Quinn shows promise at adaptation and drive – a key to the future indoctrination of Earth into O.U.R.S.