The O.U.R.S. Chronicles

“Listen but never be heard.

Watch but never be seen.

Observe to record.

We are spectators in pursuit of truth.

With will and dedication, we must never act.

It is our duty to preserve time, ensure progress, document all

– in the name of the Powers Unseen – 

for the benefit of the universe and beyond.”

– From the O.U.R.S. Handbook: Code of Conduct


Who are O.U.R.S.?

O.U.R.S. is comprised of various volunteers  from across the universe. Their goal is to study all life forms and documents them, as well as their histories and futures.

Funded by the Board of Dimensional Unification, or B.D.U, they are made up of the diverse high-technological and most governed oriented planets on either side of the Rift.

O.U.R.S is controlled by a strict set of rules to not interfere with time and space, aid or inhibit the progress of knowledge or evolution on underdeveloped planets and to oversee and record all things along time and space boundaries with an unbiased mind.

They also make note over paranormal phenomenon as a means over scientific research for all creatures, living or dead. This is made notable with their great involvement in the mysterious Rift.


The Hierarchy of O.U.R.S.

Primary Divisions and Order of Ranking

  • Research Division Leader – The highest title belonging to the most veteran scholars. RD leaders maintain order with the BDU and command Sector Chiefs appropriately.
  • Sector Chief – They are assigned a group of scientists, specialists, analysts and historians. Sector Chiefs are given their tasks and enforce the rules and regulations within their team.
    • Headquarter Scientists – The most analytical minds end up in this branch. Working in HQ, the data, specimens and ‘what-ifs’ are researched here. They are the biological side of science.
    • Technology Specialist – Computers and mechanics are tested, examined and chronicled here. In this branch, new technologies emerge as well to aid fellow Field Agents.
    • Information Analysts and Record Historians – These two branches work in tandem. Files, data and statistics are scrutinized heavily here. The Analysts receive the new data and the Historians double-check the progress and the authenticity of the data.
  • Field Agents – Only specialized Agents are allowed in this division. Trained to gather information, assimilate in various cultures and report promptly – this division is the most crucial yet the dangerous division. They are strictly enforced.
  • Stationed Agents – Much like Field Agents, yet they are less trained. They can remain on one planet for years until they are reassigned.


What is the Rift?

“The Astral Plane, Purgatory, Void – the Rift has many names, all alluding to it’s mysterious dark nature. In the Rift, time refuses to run normally. Day and night cease to have true meaning and seasons, or weather, are hard to predict. Between both dimensions and time itself, the Rift runs on its own timeline.

Tracking it is difficult. The probable source to otherworldly phenomena across the universe – it is, itself, a supernatural entity. Traveling is difficult, for myself included – to get to the Rift. Only those who have traversed its incomprehensible lands can easily create a link to this lost world.

Communication is a problem as well, for is no soul can travel, neither can word.

O.U.R.S. members have been lost many times in the Rift, trying to gather what little information they can ascertain. They have disappeared for months, sometimes year, though they will attest that they’ve only been gone an hour!

Akin to this ominous yet fascinating void, is a strong connection to the Land of the Dead.

Reading and sightings of lost souls and voices have been reported yet nothing conclusive.

The Rift may very well be the beginning and end… To everything.”

The Place Between Time and Space, originally penned by Sector Chief Tori

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