Part Two

Welcome to the Castle in the Rift series. A science fiction fantasy series, packed with action, adventure, romance – and best of all- time travel. Each story is from a different point of view giving perspective on each character, the issues they deal with and their respective reactions to the events happening in their lives. This is the start of something growing just beneath.

05 The Monster

Time has passed in The Castle in the Rift and more strange and sinister events are on the rise. It’s time for Quinn to face a new danger as the remaining O.U.R.S. Agent Mink returns hurtling through on a mysterious personal mission with dangerous monsters at her heels.

06 The Photo

A mysterious stranger enlists the help of two seemingly inconsequential OURS Agents, Leo and Colt – leading to events that have a deeper, possibly sinister, meaning just starting to emerge.

[BONUS] The Pocket Watch

For weeks Adella has been escaping to her favorite café. In an effort to drown out the monotony and frustration of her daily life – She sits and watches the café’s patrons, day-dreaming of a better more fantastical life. That is until she glimpses a mysterious stranger, touting a strange pocket watch. (Written by Quentin Wilde)

Check out the The Order of the Library website for this story and more. If you’d like to know a little bit more about these characters and others to come, keep watch for the Bystanders and Crew tab.

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