Welcome! I’m Detonya!

Let me tell you a bit about myself! I went to college for Media Arts and Animation where I learned so many creative outlets that I love to work in. So I draw, make things in 3D programs sometimes and animate stuff.

You can check out my official portfolio over at ArtStation.

And if you want to see my daily drawings, sketch dumps or other artsy things I do: stalk me over at Twitter, Tumblr, DeviantArt, or Instagram.

Check out the Commission page if you’d like to contact me for a project.

But if you’re not here for those things, you’re here for stories! Which is awesome because that’s the thing I do. Check out the O.U.R.S. Chronicles drop down menu to familiarize yourself with the world:

The O.U.R.S. Chronicles is a science fiction adventure series told from multiple perspectives all centered around a rising event that could prove fate inevitable or render it obsolete.

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