01 Rift Expedition

Welcome to the introductory shorts before The Obsession!

Each short story is from a different characters point of view as they find themselves in the mysterious rift and meet the strange agents of O.U.R.S. With every event, time passes, friendships are made and mayhem ensues for better and for worse. Join these characters as they get wrapped in something they never expected, in a mysterious land outside of time itself. This is The Castle in the Rift.

Part 1: Quinn the Dreamer

Young Quinn wakes up to a surreal world where nothing makes sense, monsters want to eat you and the sky is purple.

Part 2: Ruger the Inquisitive

While doing errands for the O.U.R.S. Agents, Ruger wonders what it takes to join O.U.R.S.

Part 3: Caliber the Nuisance

Enlisting the help of a strange sword-wielding man, Caliber causes the only real trouble possible.

Part 4: Lucian the Adventurer

Living his hum-drum life on his homeworld, Lucian blunders across the O.U.R.S. Agents and makes a fool of himself for the most part.

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