00 Obsession

Welcome to the first story of The O.U.R.S. Chronicles series. A science fiction fantasy series, packed with action, adventure, romance – and best of all- time travel. Each story is from a different point of view giving perspective on each character, the issues they deal with and their respective reactions to the events happening in their lives. This is the start of a main narrative involving two such characters.

Isaac is dead, or rather a ghost, and he absolutely despises it. He was a brilliant scientist when he was alive but now he laments and grumbles about his new found cognition, unable to continue his work from beyond his grave. When he is unwillingly pulled into the memories of one of the persons who took him from the realm of the dead, Isaac hopes to learn the reason for his ethereal existence. But there’s a strong connection to his captor – how they’re victims to their obsession, enemies to their very selves.

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