Character Crew & Bystanders

“Listen but never be heard.

Watch but never be seen.

Observe to record.

We are spectators in pursuit of truth.

With will and dedication, we must never act.

It is our duty to preserve time, ensure progress, and document all

– in the name of the Powers Unseen –

for the benefit of the universe and beyond.”

– From the O.U.R.S. Handbook: Code of Conduct


The Hierarchy of O.U.R.S.

Primary Divisions and Order of Ranking

  • Research Division Leader – The highest title belonging to the most veteran scholars. RD leaders maintain order with the BDU & command Sector Chiefs appropriately.
  • Sector Chief – They are assigned a group of scientists, specialists, analysts & historians. Sector Chiefs are given their tasks & enforce the rules and regulations within their team.
    • Headquarters Scientists – The most analytical minds end up in this branch. Working in HQ, the data, specimens & ‘what-ifs’ are researched here. They are the biological side of science.
    • Technology Specialist – Computers & mechanics are tested, examined & chronicled here. In this branch, new technologies emerge as well to aid fellow Field Agents.
    • Information Analysts and Record Historians – These two branches work in tandem. Files, data & statistics are scrutinized heavily here. The Analysts receive the new data & the Historians double-check the progress & the authenticity of the data.
  • Field Agents – Only specialized Agents are allowed in this division. Trained to gather information, assimilate in various cultures & report promptly – this division is the most crucial yet dangerous division. They are strictly enforced.
  • Stationed Agents – Much like Field Agents, they are less trained. They can remain on one planet for years until they are reassigned.


The Rift Expedition: When the Rift Expedition was concocted and set into motion, it was not surprising as O.U.R.S. has always done all it could to tame the Zone of Nothingness. Not many could break through its’ void into the unknown save for a few races who know of the Rift so well. Yet not even they would willingly trudge into the Tempest of Blankness, their grim history revolving around such a place still prominent in mind. It began with Sector Chief Tori, willing to bring himself back into the familiar realm with a focused mind, to aid O.U.R.S. in this endeavor. What started as a simple exploratory mission became an improbable adventure as the discovery of something that had slipped through the cracks of time and ended up in the Rift, far from home and memory. The Rift Expedition, now with new fervor, progressed further under Sector Chief Tori’s guide as discoveries continued to unfold. Culminating in a small dedicated crew of O.U.R.S. members, a base of operations was established directly in the Rift to monitor and conduct experiments – hoping to further broaden the knowledge of such a mysterious place and the world we live in.

The Castle in the Rift comics, other short stories, and art is done by Detonya, unless otherwise noted. Check back for updates! You can also follow me at Instagram Tumblr or ARTStation where I post snippets of what I’m working on or other art stuff. I also have a Twitch where I nerd out over videogames and sometimes draw.

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